Borage? WTF is Borage? Do You Know?

The first planting of my Tower Garden, what an exciting event! Sandy at Chapala Gardens helped select an assortment of baby plants, which I happily plopped into my tower. They were so cute! 

As a few weeks went by, and I forgot the identities of a plant or two. One took center stage, shooting up a huge inch thick stem with bunches of purple flowers. I had never seen this plant before it started growing and growing and growing and overtaking the top of my Tower Garden. 

My friend and I kept asking each other and anyone who walked by what it was. Purple flowers. Was this eggplant? That didn’t seem right to me unless the bunches of flowers at the top of the plant meant we were about to have an eggplant invasion.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I could post the photo on a few garden groups in Facebook. When I did, the answer came back instantly. It’s Borage or Bee Borage or Borage Bee.  Thank you, Facebook.  There sure are a lot of smart people out there!

I like this story because it mentions Euell Gibbons.  And it also talks about weeds which you never get with a Tower Garden.

I don’t think I’ll get 2 pounds of leaves out of my plant but this recipe looks interesting: Borage Soup.  If I do get a chance to make it, I’ll let you know.  Meanwhile, let me give this leaf a taste and I’ll report back to you.

As promised, it tastes like herbal cucumber.  However, I waited too long to harvest.  It’s the tender new leaves that you’re supposed to harvest.

Borage is an intriguing plant with beautiful star flowers.  However, harvest early while the leaves are still tender!

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